Gendai Aikido

A Modern Approach to Aikido



We also offer a firearms safety class for students that would like to attend. This class is supervised by a police officer and isn't required for advancement. (This class is FREE to all students and parents of students.)


Gendai Aikido in Winder is a modern approach to Traditional Aikido. Gendai Aikido applies elements of Ju-Jitsu and striking skills used in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai. In Japanese the word for modern is “Gendai”. The Gendai approach to the Martial Art based on circles is more of a straight forward one. In Traditional Aikido you redirect or throw the uke/attacker. This is a good start but is very open ended because it allows the attacker to get back up and try again. Only this time his anger level has increased drastically. In Gendai Aikido when you are confronted with an attacker you not only throw the attacker down you immediately follow up with a submission move or a lock on the ground/mat. This will make the attacker a little more reluctant or unable to try you again.


 These are a few of the many locks and submissions used in Gendai Aikido.  

Weapon Disarming

Traditional Aikido teaches you how to defend against a Katana (long sword), Bo (long staff), and Jo (short staff). These are old world weapons which are not carried today.

When was the last time you ran into someone at the grocery store who was carrying a sword? I didn’t think so. Guns and knives are the weapons of choice today. They are easy to carry and conceal. Please come to Gendai Aikido in Winder and receive the proper training for these threats.


In Gendai Aikido you will learn how to disarm and defend against modern day weapons like;  handguns,  knives,  baseball bats,  and  shotguns.

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